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I’m doing a portrait giveaway! In hopes of showing off my stuff to get a few commissions, I’ll be giving away two portraits.
I’ll be drawing them throughout the day tomorrow and posting them.The giveaway will be open on Facebook & Tumblr, feel free to post on either, or both.
Facebook RULES:* Share & Like this post* Reply to this post with a clear photo of whoever you want drawn, with the face as the main focal point. 
Tumblr RULES:* Reblog this post (I will check)* Message me on this blog with a link to a clear photo of whoever you want drawn, with the face as the main focal point. * Do not message me as anonymous, I’ll tag your blog name if I end up drawing your portrait. Remember, they’ll be drawn throughout the day tomorrow! So you have tonight and tomorrow til I’m done. 

Oooh. I know this isn’t photography related, but you should all consider commissioning some art from this lovely lady. I love her style <3
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